Gardening Our Lives “Old School Style”

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on September 18, 2017

Gardening Our Lives “Old School Style”

April 18, 2016

By Cheryl Luttrull

(Trying to save my sad little container garden)

I love spring… I love simple and I love to work outside any day versus indoors. I am relaxed in the garden; planting and touching the soil in anticipation of new beginnings and growing into lovely maturity. This reminded me of life!

Should we consider a “back to basics,” approach?

What ever happened to” Old School Mentality”?

A great definition for old school mentality is anything that refers to a previous generation of a subject/idea/object/etc. Typically, they are highly regarded and sometimes the very thing that started it all. (

I know not all things will work with this mentality but it may help to balance out a situation or thought. I will be the first to say I do not have all of the answers to life…not even close… but I have learned a few things and will continue to learn from others!

(My Cool cap my daughter made me for graduation!)

I recently returned to college at age 50 and loved it! I am one of those strange ones that actually always loved school, learning and social interaction.  In this exciting adventure, I received way more than just another college degree! After raising a family…We Mothers often feel left out and isolated as to what is going on in the world! A fast way to re- enter reality is to go back to college! I chose NAU and I felt reconnected to life again!  Spending so much time with so many interesting millennials will change anyone’s perspective! Yet, I was very shocked at how stressed out this generation has become. I feel that this may be attributed partly to the “I want it now,” mentality. I often felt as if this generation of students were missing some key socialization skills. I enjoyed learning from many of the students and hopefully was able to interject some “old school mentality,” to them as well. It’s a mom thing!!! I not only was enjoying learning from some of the best professors ever… but I tried my best to engage some of the students in more logically thinking. Many of us, me included, just spew out words and opinions and do not take time to think about where this idea came from, or why we think or say what we do.

In my opinion, most of us have established our personal ethics near the age of four, depending on many other factors of course! At school, I quickly found myself in a new world of social media and so much knowledge at my fingertips. I am thankful for all of the new technology and welcome new ideas and the change they bring. Change can be a really great asset in our lives. But I also feel looking into the history of where these changes originated from may even be more helpful! This is where the back to basics thought comes in. What some may consider too basic or simple may be the very thing they are looking for!

(My lovely daughter and son-in-law enjoying nature)

My husband often tells a story of a baseball player that was hit by a ball he was trying to catch. He was so disoriented that he did not hear everyone trying to relay to him that the ball he was looking for was still at “his feet.” Answers to life are often pretty simple if we are willing to get “back to basics” and not over-complicate!

(Mother’s day@ La Posada with my 3 amazing kids)

This applies to our health as well and is one of the many reasons I am looking to essential oils for myself and my family’s health. God gave us so many tools in nature that are at our feet!!! I too am guilty of looking for a faster and easier path or a “microwave mentality” but as I hopefully become wiser… I am stopping to smell the roses and taking advantage of all things we have at our feet that has always been waiting so patiently for us to re-discover! As far as my health, I have been so guilty of taking whatever is prescribed or advised… without question. I hopefully have grown wiser at my age in that I now try the basic most natural approach first. For me this path has led me to using essential oils, eating healthier, moderate exercise and meditation. If I take care of me first… then I am able to help the ones I care about the most!

I would love to hear some of your thoughts and paths you have chosen in life that has led you to a “back to basics” journey. Please share!!!!

(Cactus Flowers)


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