PERFECT "10" ...Inhale Positive...Exhale Negative...

PERFECT "10" ...Inhale Positive...Exhale Negative...
PERFECTION...are you looking for it? 
Sometimes we all will feel like we just do not measure up… we compare ourselves…. we hold the plumb line for our life…way too tight! Read how we deal with LIFE when it is not so PERFECT!

White Sands National Monument....A Road Trip to Remember

White Sands National Monument....A Road Trip to Remember
Come along with us…..

White Sands National Monument is one of our favorite spots! We chose tent site #4  which was about a 1 ½ mile hike….luckily… it had rained a lot a few days prior and the gypsum was not as hard as walking in sand. It feels so nice between your toes! My better half did not have a relaxing hike out … He would not let me carry anything except my backpack and I had to fuss about THAT! 
#4 Tent Site
*Note to self for next time*
…BRING our Therm-a-Rest Pads….( The gypsum can be cold and  hard... but…..IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!!!!)
This place has MAJESTIC:


When we arrived adults and kids were playing in the huge puddles of water and sliding down the dunes...We stopped to watch while we ate under these cool picnic tables! 

                    We felt like we were all alone on another planet!  

The SNOW….I mean…GYPSUM… is so much fun to walk around in! 

DO NOT forget your sled!!!!!!!!
There was a full moon and we were so excited to hike up the hill to enjoy some hot tea and our Moonlit Views! 
We could have easily stayed longer… I cannot wait to return!

What to do before arriving:
Check for Road Closures
Check Current Weather Conditions
Read about how to obtain a Permit to Camp

Ingredients we can trust!

Relax...Post Sun Care

Upset Tummy...CALMING
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