Inner Vention Setting Good Emotions in Motion...Part 2: SADNESS

Inner Vention   Setting Good Emotions in Motion...Part 2: SADNESS

When  I feel all alone...
I am NOT

By Cheryl Luttrull l

The emotion "sadness" is a normal experience and it is very important to allow it to happen! Suppressing will not only cause stress to the mind but will also disrupt our bodies systems.
Webster' s Defenition
a : affected with or expressive of grief or unhappiness : downcast
b (1) : causing or associated with grief or unhappiness : depressing  sad news  (2) : worthless 

Disappointments, death, feeling helpless and Sadness happens! Who wants to allow sadness into our lives?  Sadness is...Hopefully...a passageway to better times!  We need to learn...and... educate others that allowing emotions, including sadness, are normal. Like most of you, I see no happy in the times I feel sad. The ONLY " good"  I see is the relief a good cry can bring and the HOPE that happier times are soon to come. Anthony and I both realize how important it is to find a quiet safe place to experience our emotions. Having someone to share our emotions with has really helped us.
Writing helps!
Story time 📚 
Recently, on one of my emotional release days... 
I often write out my emotions. I had just completed a sadness journal and just experienced a good cry. Another emotion...ANGER...came rushing in. 😡 just then... before I could process this new emotion...a loud noise shook me from my thoughts...a poor delivery person came to my door. I went to see what had happened and I could not open the door. They not only potentially broke something inside the package but lodged the 📦 so I could no even open the door. Unfortunately for him... he was still sitting in his truck... maybe it was not a safe place for HIM... but  I felt so much better after writing and getting to address the current situation. I know what you are did I then have to deal with emotions of regret? Not for very long! It's all about BALANCE...and I will be working on that for the rest of my life.....
I try to focus on my BLESSINGS
 In the past, most of us have learned to keep emotions to ourselves in fear of someone judging us. As I mentioned earlier, it is important to know your audience when sharing. I am not saying that an emotion should be made public or shared with just anyone...but... 
lately... I have seen some really cool things happening on social media. We always here about the awful news... but...many people have been opening up more about there emotions and loses and I have seen some "real healing" come from this. Friends and family from all over the world 🌎 are offering ENCOURAGEMENT, SUPPORT & LOVE ❤️ 
A Hope of ☀️ is always WELCOME 

🙏It's the little things.... we all want to know we are LOVED❤️

💥 Sadness can also lead to depression if it lasts longer than you feel it should or you cannot quite put your finger on "why you are sad"? Please never hesitate to seek professional medical help!

We hope this somehow helped......please know that we are not healthcare professionals and are only sharing our own Personal experiences. We use Young Living essential oils to help open and release emotion. They are the only ones we trust! Listed below are the oils we use the most when we experience sadness to help us through our passageway to HOPE

Sadness=Emotional pain
LAVENDER-nervous tension,calming,inhale in left nostril and/or place behind ears
GERANIUM-release negative energy-peace, softens grief and helps in healing,
ROSE-calms nervous system, balance & harmony to overcome insecurities
FRANKINCENSE-uplifts spirit
👀for more

💥Coming Soon...Part 3: Anger Management

"Inner" Vention... Setting Good Emotions... In Motion...Part 1: SELF-LOVE

"Inner" Vention... Setting Good Emotions... In Motion...Part 1: SELF-LOVE
“Inner” Vention
Setting Good Emotions In Motion
By Cheryl Luttrull

If love is stronger you will know it immediately because in general, your life holds a measure of inner well-being, self-assurance, confidence, and peace that - should your life be ruled by fear – are all feelings or inner ways of being with which you will not be tremendously well acquainted.
Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.

Love is NATURAL…Fear is Learned

Self-Love = Self Confidence + Self Esteem

Unrealistic… PERFECT… life on SOCIAL MEDIA = Unrealistic Expectations = Emotional Problems = Disrupted Body Systems
High Achievers… pursuing… PERFECTION = Unrealistic Expectations = Emotional Problems = Disrupted Body Systems
Our bodies are wired so that our health is linked to our thoughts, emotions and attitude.
Approximately 75-98% of sicknesses and diseases we acquire come from our personal lifestyle!

Love-based emotions: love, joy, faith, trust, inner strength, confidence, belief, happiness, caring, sharing, forgiveness, openness, passion, freedom, harmony, honesty, beauty, compassion, self-love, self-appreciation, respect, acceptance, and peace.
We all prefer LOVE based emotions because FEAR based emotions need a lot more tender care. If we are honest… everyone will deal with these emotions sometime in their life. The cool thing is that we can continually improve our mind, body and spirit! 
*We all were made to LOVE*
…Speaking of “LOVE”…
Having someone to love does not make one have Self Love…  
We teach others how to “LOVE US” by how well we love ourselves!
Self-Love = Self Confidence + Self Esteem
Let’s chat a little about FEAR…
Fear-based emotions: fear, anger, disgust, worry, anxiety, frustration, resentment, ill-will, blame, sadness, jealousy, negativity, and stress.
Essential Oils facilitate the processing and release of emotions! They stimulate the part of the brain that deals with emotion ad memory and help bring balance, happiness and fulfillment.
Try RELEASE to… Lighten your spirit…Get rid of daily emotional baggage… a hurtful comment… negative thought…troubling news
 Often… even thinking about “change” produces FEAR!


Valor: Hug of Courage & Strength
Bergamot: Helps with fear of not being good enough
Grapefruit: Detox of self-hate and weight
Rosemary: Stimulates Confidence
Frankincense: Improves attitude

***        This is a big oil list...Speak with your health care provider and RESEARCH the oils to see which one(s) you want to start with. We explore using one oil at a time for a targeted health issue. The cool thing is that if the oil we picked does not work on the specific concern we are addressing… the oil will have other therapeutic properties that WILL help in another health concern!!!! A WIN WIN!

If you are reading this blog…We are somehow connected! Thank you for stopping by! I write most of our blogs… I do make my poor husband, children and animals suffer by listening (I usually have to creatively corner them and read out loud) I do my best to get their thoughts, suggestions and approval. We use this blog to share some of our secrets on how WE make things work for us! We do our best to live in the PRESENT…We sometimes look back on our life and say…I wonder what would have happened if… but we quickly remind ourselves that we can only change the NOW!