Inner Vention ...Setting Good Emotions in Motion, Part 3: Anger

By Cheryl Luttrull 
1 : a strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism 
2 : rage 
Please understand that anger is a normal emotion we all feel. 

Anger under control has been used to stand up for oneself or others and even Change The WORLD 🌎. It can be used to "wake up" yourself and inspire and motivate those around you! 

Of course the flip side result can lead to DESTRUCTION to our self and/or others!

Anger is often Sadness's Protector...
When we feel sad or depressed we may also experience anger. This can become very dangerous especially if someone has depression. This may make someone so Angry; It harms them the most. Often they seem as if they are lashing out at others but actually they are lashing out at their self. Please seek or ever so gently help loved ones find a medical professional in this situation 🙏

Make sure your anger is FIRE under control

 Not feeling in control is another reason some experience anger. If we will stop and think for the moment when anger is rising within us,analyze the situation and bring our anger under control, it will give us DIGNITY. Possibly it is fear of looking less than to others or a situation of uncharted waters. You may feel your heart starts to beat faster and more rapid breathing. It is so important not to use Anger to obtain control by manipulating others. Often insecurities are the reasons for this and ruin any chance of ever having healthy relationships. 

Most everyone has felt like they were not understood or heard at some point in their life. Anger can be our friend IF we are able to channel it properly. If we did not have this emotion during these times it would not be healthy for you or someone you are advocating for. Standing up for what we believe in has changed our world. 

If you are dealing with uncontrolled anger.... Seek help and Practice...Practice...Practice. Meditate, pray and find PEACE within yourself! Be You For YOU  and Love What You Do and WHO YOU ARE! 

I, just like you, have to stop and think about why I am angry and decide from there... where I will allow it to take me. I am continually working on myself and balancing my life and emotions. I want to strive to always be better. When I am able to obtain "Dignity" that I spoke of earlier and I am"at my best," I am blessed! 

How to Peacefully Struggle with Anger....
PAUSE- you may not be able to walk away in some circumstances, but train yourself to pause when you feel anger showing it's head.
BREATHE- take a few slow deep breathes OR MORE

THINK- question why I am feeling this way.
EXERCISE- if you can, take a short walk or excuse yourself and maybe run in place, wash your face and or armpits after lol. 
JOURNAL- express how you feel and why...even if you have to shred it up later 
HUMOR- I will never forget when my niece lived with us when our kids were young. She would laugh out loud when I scolded our children. She said my face got so serious and my facial expression were hilarious. It always made the kids and I laugh too! Often thinking of something funny helps.

Channel anger for good

Essential Oils for ANGER:
YLANG YLANG-helps cope/anger.Helps focus on happiness/gratitude 
ROMAN CHAMOMILE-helps to relieve restlessness and tension 
WHITE ANGELICA- relaxant, releases pent up negative feelings
PEACE & CALM-promotes relaxation deep sense emotional well being
FRANKINCENSE-helps relieve negative feelings


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